Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vegan Pizza Day

Sometime last week I was trolling through the abyss of the world wide web when I stumbled upon "Vegan Pizza Day" (they even have a facebook page) What? a day devoted to Vegan pizza?  Who needs valentines day, the quickest way to my heart is through my belly  and my love for vegan pizza is meant to endure a lifetime

The goal, 3 pizza's all with unique ingrediants and completely different flavors, drenched with no less than 15 different types of hot sauce.
Why cant everyday be "VPD" Vegan pizza day?

Well, Friday I stocked up on produce and was ready to go.

It was the Eve of "VPD" and I had enough dough for 6 pies and a man's got to eat,  so I decided to start the celebration a little early.

Prelude to Pizza day
Garlic oragano dough, Grape tomato, cremini mushroom, cilantro and avocado.

Simple quick Delicious


Whole wheat dough braised with macadamia nut olive oil, bourbon barbecue sauce, onion, banana, pineapple, ginger, fresh ground cinnamon, topped with 5 types of hot sauce: Sriracha, Trappeys, Hurting Jalpapeno, Jaws of fire, and Yellow pepper sauce. 

I was very pleased with combo of barbecue sauce, ginger and cinnamon.  The banana and pineapple were good but it made the pizza a bit too sweet (could of maybe used some sweet potato or some yams).  Coffee is always good with sweets and was a nice pairing

I thought every pizza would be completly unique, saving the avocado for lunch but my love for avocados out weighed my convictions
The fat in the avocado's took away some of the sweetness, it allowed me to add large amounts of hot sauce it also helped in neutralizing the duration of spice left on my tongue.
Pineapple may soon become a regular staple on my vegan pizza's
"Avocado, oh how I love thee."

It was now about 10 in the morning and I was stuffed.  The sun was beckoning me to go outside and I needed to make some room for Pizza #2.  I jumped on my strand cruiser planning on a 20-30 mile ride but less than 10 miles in I pushing to hard and snapped my chain. Change of plans.  I ended up going for a run on the beach and then a quick swim in the Pacific before returning home for round 2 p.m.


Well since breakfast was all about sweet I thought I'd go with spicy for lunch
Naked (pre avocado)

White dough braised with a light olive oil, grape tomato, 1 ear of sweet corn, green and red jalapeños, serrano, suzme pepper, onion chive, twist pepper, Korean pepper, habanero, sweet garlic and oregano pickled cherry peppers, black beans topped with fresh cilantro, avocado and raw onion. I felt this pie needed a little heat added so I used 4 of my hottest sauces (Mad Dogs Revenge, Blair's Death Sauce, Dave's Ghost pepper sauce, Da Bomb plus a bowl  verde and a bowl of fire roasted chipotle, taqueria style salsa.

After cooking I added the cilantro onion and avocado.

Surprisingly the pizza wasn't that spicy? I think I've built up a tolerance, for my roommate was almost in tears from what he explained felt like pepper spray in the air when he walked into the room I was eating in.

the salsa on top hit the spot especially the Verde variety, so much in fact I needed a second bowl of it

I couldn't have been more happy with this pizza it hit the spot perfectly also making me drink 3 Miller High Lifes in the process.

I was stuffed!  Eventually I was able to crawl on my hands and knees upstairs to my recumbent bike to make  for the 20miles I missed out on earlier.  Still needing to make room for dinner I headed out to the gym for a hour on th elliptical and some time in the sauna.  I left the gym around  9p.m.  there was no parking by my house but I had my skateboard so I could careless if I had to park far away.  I was having so much fun   skating around in my sandals I kept going passed my house and didn't arrive home for another 30 minutes.

It was after 10 p.m. when I started cooking.  (I normally eat dinner just after dark)

Garlic oragano crust, braised with extra virgin olive oil, grilled vegi bruschetta, olive bruschetta, crimini mushroom, white mushroom, bella mushroom, carrot, green pepper, basil, rosemary garlic stuffed green olive, heart of palm and radish

 This was the dirty martini of vegan pizzas
The pizza was full of  flavor, each bite made me lick my lips.  The taste was robust and I polished  a couple glasses of red while I devoured it. The pizza was bold not spicy.
 (at least not until I added 5 more bottles of hot sauce lol) 
Final slice of the day.  I was sad to see it go.

Hair of the Dog

Although vegan Pizza day was over that didn't stop me from getting back to business the very next morning

white dough, grape tomato, 3 types of mushrooms, black beans, radish, heart of palm, red and green jalapeño, onion, carrot, pineapple,green pepper, basil, serrano topped with fresh cilantro and avocado

The best combo of the weekend
Just so you know the black beans i used came from a can i put them in a strainer and rinsed them in the sink. They added a good amount of heartiness to the pie and I highly recommend giving them a try.

Bonus snack after 30 mins after lunch
I think I should write a children's book called the "The Hungry Hungry Vegan" about 30 minutes after the pizza I was I made this snack using mostly the same ingredients. Whole wheat pita, dark lettuce, 3 types of mushrooms, radish, heart of palm, carrot, red and green jalapeño, cilantro, avocado, onion, topped with sriracha and eggplant hummus. And I was still hungry. (I loved that damn caterpillar)

I Love Vegan Pizza Day! (Weekend)
Perhaps  it shall become Vegan Pizza Week? Month? Year?

Vegan Pizza
Life :).

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