Friday, June 10, 2011

The four basic food groups: Smoothie, Pizza and Guacamole

Recently the American govenment got rid of it's Food Pyramid.

I applaud the government for making steps in the right direction but they need to be more concerned with health than profits for the meat and dairy industries!
Fruits, alright so far so good.  Vegetables, right on.  Grains,  not bad but our bodies don't necessarily need them how bout complex carbohydrates instead.  Protein,  that wedge is way too big, the reason protein is big money and they have a lot of lobbiests.

Bonus Dairy section!  Are you kidding me?  Our bodies are not meant to metabolize cow lactation.  We need to stop letting the Diary industry market to the youth of country!!!!!  We might ad well have a Coca Cola section as well if were gonna allow dairy.  The FDA needs to be restructured to be conceren about our health and NOT be involved with the poffits of the food industry.

After taking a look at the federal guidelines I thought maybe I should take a look at my own diet.

I made a few changes.
1. Smoothie I drink them everyday
2. I make my own at least 4 days a week
3.Guacalmole really is a perfect food.
4. Libation's, you got to wash it all down with something
Salt and vinegar chips, It's ridiculous that milk was on the original list.  This is equally as stupid but taste a lot better and has less chance of causing tumor growth.

I go through quite a bit of produce yesterday morning this is all I had sitting out the counter plus about twice as much as this in the firdge.  Time to hit up the farmer, the korean and the mexican market's for some produce

that's better
Avocado, watermelon, corn, aspargus, peppers (red yellow orange), lime, persian cumber,guava, cantaloupe, mango,squash, blurberry, garlic chive, heirloom carrot, brussell sprout, santa clause melon, and cactus tuna.

Smoothie time

I've only had a blender for less than 2 months now but every morning I like to give it a spin.
When it comes to a smoothie just about any fruit or vegetable will do.
Peach, strawberry, blueberry, brocolli, carrot, avocado chia seed, flax seed, and watermelon.
I totally forgot the bananna
Is it just me or does that big strawberry look like a toungue?

Banana, apricot, strawberry, broccoli, mango, guava, carrot, watermelon,flax seed and chia
Surprisingly the Mexican variety of mango was much easier to peel
Persian cucumber, peach, banana, broccoli, cherry, santa clause melon, carrot, watermelon, flax seed and chia
I ended up cutting off the sides of the cherries for the smoothie. Pitting them is a pain in the ass. I ate the rest of the flesh off the seeds while the smoothie was blending.
Drink me!


mMy secret recipe called chop everything you got and mix it together: Family grown avocado (thanks cousin Jill) organic grape tomato, radish, carrot, onion, 5 cloves of garlic, and jalapeno mixed with Sontava's Habanero, Trappey's Chipotle and Melinda's Ghost peeper sauce

Of course I washed it down with an Arrogant bastard.
P.S. Guac looks so much better before it is mixed.
Onion, radish, grape tomato, yellow/red/orange pepper, heirloom carrot, garlic, lime, and avocado with habanero, chipotle and ghost pepper sauce
Honestly I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life and still want to lick the bowl clean

Yep there's Avocado underneath. Ingredients include: green, red, yellow, and orange peppers, garlic and garlic chives, grape tomato, crimini mushroom, raw sweet corn, Jalapeno, and carrots. Topped with habanero chipotle and ghost pepper sauce. In my haste I forgot to add onion and radish but will in my next batch.

Raw corn and mushroom Get me approval
I think I ate about 100 chips just like this

The more ingredients that come from my garden the better
Fresh radish
My jalapeno's and habanero's are way to small
I've got about ten varieties of tomato's growing however this is the only one that has started to fruit
Strawberry haven't put them on a pizza yet.  Hmm maybe tonight
 A little lemon juice in the crust perhaps?

My new favorite dough purchased at Sprouts
vine ripened tomato,roma tomato, radish, onion, carrot, garlic, garlic chive, broccoli, jalapeno, rosemary and avocado
vine ripened tomato,roma tomato, radish, onion, carrot, garlic, garlic chive, broccoli, flax seed, ginger, barbecue sauce, crimini mushroom, jalepeno,rosemary and avocado
Vine ripened tomato, roma tomato, garlic, spinach, onion, radish, carrot, red pepper, orange pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper, broccoli, mushroom, spinach, asparagus and avocado.


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Monday, May 30, 2011

200 Vegan Pizza's a Year. Pizza the New Super Food.

I cook my own Pizza on average about 4 times a week.  This equates to over 200 pizza's a year. Which does not include all the pizza I eat when I am not at home.  I am about six feet tall and weigh around 145lbs.  I get excited about every pie I create and will never get sick of this wonderful food. I eat a vegan diet which means you will never find any animals products in the food I eat.  Pizza is good for my health.

1.  a pizza needs avocado more than it needs cheese

2.  Tomatoes do not need to be  made into sauce

3,  Any type of tomato will work

4.  Carrots are awesome on pizza and add great color just make sure and slice them thin.

5.  Limit yourself to just i habanero per pie unless you have conditioned your for the extra heat

6.  Pizza goes great with both beer and red wine  I like to drink both at the same time, (from my beer helmet) j/k

7.  Flax seeds sprinkled on the top add a little protein and texture, they have been on my last 20 pies

8. Pizza can be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

9.  Garlic loses it potency when you cook it but makes he house smell real good.  I like to cook my pizza with a few cloves and then add a bunch more after baking.

10.  Barbacue sauce taste awesome on pizza.  I like to add it last so that its more likely to carmalize.

11.  Garlic chives and onion chives should always be added after cooking.

12.  Asparagus and broccoli both make great toppings.

13.  Pizza crust does not need yeast.

14.  fresh bean sprouts are great thing to top your pizza with after cooking.

(banana, jalapeno, PB& jelly)
15.  Peanut butter and jelly pizza's are tough to finish.

16.  The stems of leafy green vegitables (the part you may throw away) are great to cook on your pizza.

17.  Experiment with different hot sauces.  It's perfectly acceptable to use more than one hot sauce on a pie.  I usually have one habanero varity one chipotle, one ceyanne and one jalaepeno at my disposal  (I have about 20 bottles of hot sauce in the pantry)

18.  When I buy premade dough its always enough for 2 thin 14 inch thin crust pizzas.

19.  Buy a pizza stone!

20.  I like to put a layer of olive oil of my pizza stone and roll my dough out directly on top of it.

21.  To keep the dough from retracting back in I roll it over the edge of the stone.  Dribble a little bit of barbecue sauce on the rim before rolling the crust back on top of the pie to add a little surprise. 

22. Pepperoni is overrated.

23.  I will never stop loving Pizza.

24. Pizza is in tthe mind of the beholder and not confined to cheese crusts and sauce.

25. Cook stem not leaves

26. Place dryer vegi's on first then add moister vegi's such as tomatoes 

27.  I never have any leftovers

28. Always try new ingredients.

29. Make your pizza as colorful as possible.

30. Seeds are good.

31. Salsa?  yes please

32. Corn, beans and rice? Sure why not.

33. I cook with temps ranging from 375 to 450 Fahrenheit.   

34. I do not use a timer.  The pizza will tell me when it's done.

35. My favorite toppings are the ones I grow in my garden.

36.  It's okay to have 2 pizza's for dinner and maybe a third for desert

This list will continue to grow, but for now I got a pizza to cook.

Last night's dinner