Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stuff that becomes poop

Food from the last few nights 
Soba, salad, baked salt and vinegar chips with Vino

I'd been running around all day and just spent 2:34 minutes in the sauna I was hungry and looking for instant gratification.  Dinner took me less than 10 minutes to make. It was relatively nutritious and made me very happy.

Simple quick delicious:
Soba, fresh cilantro and onion topped with Ponzu and sriracha
Mixed organic baby greens, grape tomato, carrot, onion, cilantro, garlic, brocolli, tempeh, mung bean sprouts, enoki mushrooms seasoned with olive oil balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper 

My cooking philosophy is pretty damn simple mucho fresh produce that I know I like, with the occasional variable thrown in.  
Trader Joe's was out of whole wheat dough so I got the garlic herb variety. I cooked my pizza with:
grape tomato, onion,  garlic jalapeño,  and enoki mushrooms.  Just before it was done cooking I added cilantro and home grown basil.  After taking it out the oven I topped it with a handful of fresh garlic and a large avocado.  Of course I later added some Sontava, some ghost pepper sauce and another random Jalapeño hot sauce.
You see I like to cook some of the garlic because it creates a nice aroma while it bakes.  However It also takes away from it's potency and some of the health benefits.  Thus adding extra raw garlic after cooking has become part of my routine.
Korean cabbage, organic baby greens, zucuinni, carrot, brocolli, tempeh, garlic, twist pepper, cilantro, onion, enoki mushroom, grape tomato and avocado topped with macadamian nut oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper

It was pretty much a perfect dinner. I had no vino left, so I washed it down with some Taurino El Salvadorian beer.

My roommate and I were sitting around watching the Facebook movie.  When I saw him drooling over my pizza, I offered him slice.  I don't think he was ready for how strong the flavor would be.  Now the fat from the avocado neutralizes a lot of the heat and he did not have any hot sauce on his slice but I'm sure their was at least the equivalent of  one fresh and one cooked clove of garlic plus 3 to 6 slices of fresh jalapeño.   His mouth was on fire and and the 24oz can of miller light he just opened disappeared in seconds.  His eyes were watering and his nose was running as he told me how much he enjoyed trying my dinner.

bon appetit

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