Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet tooth

I grew up in Household of gluttons.  We were an overweight typical fast food family. Dinner was never cooked, it was purchased.  If we bought Ice cream at the supermarket, it was a race back for seconds and thirds before the the container was empty hours after purchasing it.  Sweets did not last in our house.  

As a result of my childhood I have very little will power against gluttony. Somewhere back in the back of my brain my sub conscious commands me to get to that desert before someone else does.

Because I exercise I can get away with a 2,000 calorie sweet tooth binge on crap food, but I would prefer not to. For the past few years I don't by sweets that often and my will power has gotten better.  I still have the mentality that "The sooner I finish all my desserts the sooner I can start burning them off."

By the way I'm almost 25lbs lighter and a foot taller than when I was 12 years old

Well since going vegan I have cut out Ice cream, cookies, and Milk Chocolate.

I do enjoy something sweet in the morning with my coffee and will usually go with some cinnamon toast, or a PB and J.  

At night time (especially with a glass of Bourbon) I have been trying numerous Dark Chocolate candy bars.  y My favorite's have become the ones sold under the Cost Plus Label

Lower IN Cacao than I would like and very sweet.  It say s pomegranate but it has a berry taste to it.  I do like it  but if your searching for pomergranate flavor

Pretty good.  The chili  taste doesn't hit you until well into your bite.  You can feel the spice after your done eating.  They also have a Chili lime version but this one is much better.

By far my very favorite.  Theres almost no sugar and this sure as hell aint no Hershey bar.  Packed with almost nothing but fat it's a calorie reached decadent snack for a discerning palate.  It packs a lot fuel in a small package.  I use it when I train and plan on using it during future endurance events.
Chocolate and Jalapeño
Maybe not the right mix for everyone but is perfect for me.  For the past couple weeks I have been eating my Chocolate with either fresh Jalapeño or Serrano peppers. Yum.  Might try some with raw garlic soon.

Bali Truly Raw Whole Cacao Beans, Organic, 16oz - Big Tree Farms

A good buddy of mine buys Cacao beans to eat.  Every time I go over to his house I eat a few and enjoy them very much.  They are kind of expensive so I have not purchased my own but will very soon.  If anyone is looking for something interesting to try I highly recommend them.  If you do buy some let me know what you think.

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