Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Cook By Patrick Sweeney

First off you need ingredients. 
 Now take a look at all the junk mail ads that normally through away and see what produce is on sale and where. Chances are the best deals will be found at an ethnic market or a establishment that caters towards people with a low income  
(hey that's me)
Try to buy only what is season, grown as locally as possible and what is on sale.  Usually these 3 go together.  It's okay to buy an item or two at full price, but I don't.

I always try to keep a ready supply garlic onions and avocado available for almost everything I cook.

Now what?

Put it in a blender
You made a  Smoothie
Put it in bowl.
 You made  a salad.
Put it between some baked grains.
You made a sandwich.
Put it in the wok.
You made a stir fry.
Put it in on dough a place in the oven.
You made a pizza.
Put in the freezer and add Tequila.
You made desert.
Now for some bonus food porn pics of what I've been eating the last month or so.