Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gotta eat to live. Vegan gluttony

Pretty much all the usual ingredients just mixed up in a variety of ways
One glass of wine :)
Fresh sourdough bread, vegi bruschetta, grape tomato, mushroom, garlic and onion.  Served with salt and vinegar chips and  butternut squash soup

Vegan junk food

Hummus sandwich
Soy flax seed bread, garlic hummus, spinach, onion, tomato, cherry peppers, and olive bruschetta

Tasted pretty good but really could have used an avocado
Freshly cooked sourdough bread 1/2 olive bruschetta and 1/2 vegi bruschetta, garlic, tomato, carrot, twist pepper, garlic chives, and avocado,  dipped in hummus and sriracha.  Served with Butternut squash soup with a little fresh basil and pepper added and a bowl of bean sprouts to munch on.
I might make the same thing again tonight
the two jars of bruschetta also cost $1 . What a bargain
I still had wine in my glass so I made a second serving
Kimchi pot stickers fried in the wok with: roma tomato onion, twist pepper, ginger,suzme red pepper, carrot, garlic, organic baby greens, olive oil and a dash of ponzu

I was happy

I went to the store Sunday morning to pick up some Avocados to help get me through an afternoon of watching Football.

Chips salad 3 types of salsa an avocado, some onions, grape tomatoes and oven roasted jalapeños. 
I had some crappy tortilla chips in my hand till I found these in the clearance section for half the price. S1 Organic and the don't go bad till April.  I picked up 3 bags (besides they match my poinsettia and my chia X-mas tree thats still growing) 
Mixed baby Italian organic greens, onion, garlic stuffed olives, pimento stuffed olives, sweet cherry peppers, carrot, and grape tomatoes.  Macadamia nut oil balsamic vinegar and fresh ground black pepper.

By halftime of the second game I cooked myself up a pizza
Whole wheat dough, bourbon barbacue sauce, grape tomato, roma tomato, garlic, onion, ginger, twist pepper, suzme red pepper, swet cherry peppers, organic Itallian baby greens (added about 5 mins before taking out of the oven) and fresh avocado.  Washed down with the champagne of beers and some red wine.

Rosemary roll, garlic, vegi breshetta , onion avocado

after the pizza I was still hungry this roll provided the bonus gluttony

On my way to making a pizza I got side tracked : Rosemary roll, grilled vegi bruschetta, cremini mushroom, grape tomato, fresh garlic, jalapeño and onion. The olive oil from the bruschetta soaked in nicely. Honestly this is about the best thing I have ever eaten. If I had added my avocado it may have taken the crown, but I'm saving that for my pizza in about an hour and yes I couldn't resist pouring myself a glass of red.
Whole wheat dough, a thin layer of bourbon barbecue sauce, grape and roma tomatoes, cremini mushroom, homegrown habanero, homegrown green pepper, jalapeño, green twist pepper, red suzme pepper, fresh garlic, onion, homegrown basil, carrot, sprinkled with rosemary and finely diced fresh ginger. Topped with raw avocado and some more garlic (total 14 cloves) washed down with cheap fake Heineken and even cheaper Spanish red wine. Also in the mix were 5 types of hot sauce, you know so it wouldn't be too bland

I'm really digging the combo of barbecue sauce and fresh ginger on my pizza
Rosemary roll, vegi bruschetta, cremini mushroom 
Evening snack,
Whole wheat pita,fresh onion, jalpeno and cilantro, 3 types of hummus some sriracha, and a few salt and vinagar chips
Soba, Kimchi dumplings,onion cilantro topped with siraachi and ponzu


Kimchi dumplings cooked in the wok with some Jalapeños and onion served with twist peppers, ponzu and sriracha
Garlic basil dough, bourbon barbacue sauce, carrot, onion, garlic, cilantro, basil, jalapeño and avocado.  Maybe more I can't remember
Cooked in a wok I used more water than usual.  It was cold outside and I wanted to drink the broth to warm up.  Bok choy, carrots, Korean Zucchini, onion, broccoli.

I like food  :)

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  1. Dude...all of this looks fantastic! Will have to steal some of your recipes and give it a try.