Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Cook By Patrick Sweeney

First off you need ingredients. 
 Now take a look at all the junk mail ads that normally through away and see what produce is on sale and where. Chances are the best deals will be found at an ethnic market or a establishment that caters towards people with a low income  
(hey that's me)
Try to buy only what is season, grown as locally as possible and what is on sale.  Usually these 3 go together.  It's okay to buy an item or two at full price, but I don't.

I always try to keep a ready supply garlic onions and avocado available for almost everything I cook.

Now what?

Put it in a blender
You made a  Smoothie
Put it in bowl.
 You made  a salad.
Put it between some baked grains.
You made a sandwich.
Put it in the wok.
You made a stir fry.
Put it in on dough a place in the oven.
You made a pizza.
Put in the freezer and add Tequila.
You made desert.
Now for some bonus food porn pics of what I've been eating the last month or so.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Avocado Ice cream

This not a recipe.  It's a proof of concept!
Tequila and Avocado's together at long last
 4 Ingredients Tequila, Avocado, Lemons (from my mom's tree) and a bit of sugar

Earlier in the day while at Ralph's I got hustled into watching some Knife presentation  with the promise I was gonna score something free.  Basically they were trying to sell me the same serrated blade my family bought in the 80's.
 Sometime around 2005 my mother and I both got on a Stupid Ronco infomercial BS-ing about the next iteration of the Knife we had never used.  I even had to go to Ron Popeil's House.  Man he turned out to be jerk. During filming he made his 40 year daughter cry while  his 20 something year old wife watched nursing his new born child.

Yep I totally use knifes on my barbecue? Yeah right!
I have never barbecued ribs! But I have eaten them in the past
(I hear the infomercial still airs but I'm not an insomniac so haven't seen it in years.)

I didn't get free knifes this time but I did get free P.O.S. Juicer
(the same kind that we got back in 1987)

Back to the Ice Cream

I mashed up the avocado mixed in the tequila sugar and lemon juice and put it my blender.  I think a food possessor would work better but I don't have one.

What I do have is an ice cream maker that my sister got for X-mas and didn't want.
 I think I could of got very similar  results by just putting  the mix in the freezer but since I have this contraption I might as well use it.
 It started to look like Ice cream.
I let the machine spin for around 20mins

During that time I had a most excellent vegan pizza.

Time for dessert
by now it  looked more like wasabi.
 I decided to add a little coconut meat and a slice of Habanero.

The consistency was amazing!  The tequila was not overpowering  but could deffinetly be felt.  It's the kind of desert you could serve in one or two oz servings.
I was very pleased with the results and it tasted just  as good the next day although you might not wanna have it for breakfast.
I will deffinetly make this again!

I encourage to experiment and adapt the ingredients to your own liking.  If you do end making a batch please let me know how it goes.