Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner and other stuff. (elegant tittle I know)

Pretty famished from the days activities I sat In the sauna and pondered what I'd have for dinner. I felt like I didn't have much produce at home but figured I could whip something up.  I remembered I had some potato's from last weeks farm box.  I don't eat them that often but I really do enjoy a good earthy tasting potato skin.  I decided to cook one up and make a salad to go with it.

Hard too tell which is which potato on right salad on left

Ingredients form bottom to top:  Potato,  diced jalapeño, diced onion, Santa Barbara taqueria salsa (my favorite if I must buy from a Super market) diced tomato, cilatro, sweet cherry peppers and an avocado of course.  I did end up adding some Sontava later.
Mixed organic baby greens, bean sprout, enoki mushrooms, onion, carrots, tomato, sweet potato stems, jalapeño, avocado topped with macadamia nut oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh ground black pepper

Washed down with El Salvadorian beer and twist off wine.

I had like an hour long chat with some girl about Vegan-ism in the sauna.  Let it be known I am not a Vegan.  I eat a vegan diet.  I use leather products on my sandals and my baseball glove.  I don't plan on purchasing animal products in the future but I'm not gonna give up on the items I already own.

Theres supposed to be an embedded video below but for some reason I can't get it to work.  Please use the link below if you want to see some Aussie go off about his  diet, the importance of carbohydrates and the stupidity of taking diet advice from a fat person.

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Durianriders advice for fat people 

In case your wondering about Protein for Vegan's here's a nice link that a friend of mine provided that's cover the subject pretty well


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