Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The most important tools in my kitchen.

Rice Cooker:
It may be tiny but it only cost $15  I've used well over 200 times. I love seaming with it and letting the grains cooking below absorb the nutrients from the vegetables.

Big Wok:
I just purchased a 16 inch wok with a lid.  My old wok was a little smaller and I'd always over fill the thing.  I'm stoked on the lid for steaming purposes.  I'm not to keen with the tephlon but poor bastards can't be choosers.

Giant cutting board:
I used to do all my cutting on plates.  I felt stupid paying money for a cutting board but I had a gift certificate.  I use the thing at a minimum of twice a day and am really glad I have one.

Tea Pot:
The only Family hierloom  I own.  It belonged to my Grampa on my mothers side of the family whom died well before I was born.  He was British man who drank tea everyday of his life and this was the pot he used until his death.  It had been sitting hidden away in cupboard for years at my mom's house.  Originally  I didn't want to take it fearing I would break the thing. (That's stupid) If you have something you cherish it should be used as much as possible! I don't save items for special occasions,  those days may never come and why not make every day special. I have used the tea pot nearly every day since I decided to take it.  If it breaks so be it and  least it will have provided me joy in its use.

Now onto some food


Spoils from the $.99 Store, I Spent $9
Vegi bruschetta, Hot peppers, Mango chutney, Black tea, Crappy English muffins, Flax seeds, Cimini Mushrooms
What a lovely dinner  (I know its a stupid pun)

The vegi bruschetta turned out to be really good on the english muffins with a little garlic added and chased down with the pickled thai peppers.  Using my new wok  I mixed the last of the vegis I had in the fridge  : bok choy, carrot, jalpeno, shiitake, cimini, garlic, organic baby greens, and some onion.  To drink th e black tea I had bought.  For some reason I thought it was WitchCraft brand whick caught my eye (because everyone knows witches make the best brew) It turns out the tea is actually Wildcraft (oh well at least I won't turn into a toad)

Snacks while watching the BCS title game

3 roasted Korean chestnuts, crimini mushrooms, grape tomatoes, Asian cucumber and bowl of mung sprouts washed down with
Max beer (Made by the Korean Brewery Hite) good enough but not great, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be their high or low end product, fizzy yellow (wussy) beer is all pretty much the same anyway.
I was still hungry so grabbed a bowl of  Sweet potato stems (pre-seasoned with sesame oil chili powder and garlic) I added some fresh onion and a couple twist peppers.

Todays Breakfast
Hot Soba with fresh onion, cilantro and green tea

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