Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dude, I like food. :) what an intelligent title

I haven't been posting much on here.  I've ate a lot of damn good food.  Every day I cook at home at least once on some days it can be up to 4 or 5 times depending on what i'm up to physically, most of the time I try and snap a photo if I can of the food that makes up who I am.  Right now I'm about to watch a movie but I figured I'd post what I ate for lunch and dinner.  Pretty soon I'll have a massive post. With everything  from the last month or so.

whole wheat dough, jalpeno, raddish, carrot, onion, garlic chive, bourbon barbecue sauce

dressed up
baby spinach, more garlic chive, onion chive, cilantro and avocado


 my way home from the gymOnI picked up some sourdough rolls on clearance, a $2  bottle of wine and $.28 of bean sprouts

I topped the rolls with artichoke bruschetta, garlic chive, jalapeño and onion
baby spinach, radish, onion, carrot, bean sprout, jalapeño, garlic chive,onion chive, macadamia nut/ olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper
still hungry
I came back for seconds with a roasted a jalapeño

The food is gone. All I am left with is a few sips of wine, a full belly and a smile.

Salt and Vinegar rant.

Lately my biggest weakness towards eating calories I don't need has been salt and vinegar chips. I buy a steady supply at Freah n Easy, Trader Joes's and Cost Plus.  Recently I found myself at Big lot's.  They usually do not sell any brand of salt and vinegar  chips.  Today they had 5 different types.  (Sweet) Then I read the ingredients and every single one of them contained milk.  WTF,  Why?  So I started looking at ingredients on other packages and flavors and none of them contained dairy unless they were  cheese flavored.    I don't get it.  In protest I will not eat any salt and vinegar chips for at least the next 20 minutes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

40 Burritos For $9

Burrito's oh how I love thee.

Along time ago I was in a polygamist burrito or pizza a day diet for about 6 months.  They were some of the happiest days of my life.  As time progressed the burrito and I slowly drifted a part as I spent  more and more meals with pizza.

Sadly Burrito and I were headed in separate directions and I went over 3 months without it in my world.

A few weeks ago  Burrito came back into my life and it was as if it had never left.  One night I cooked up 24 Burrito's for dinner and for the next 2 weeks it felt like we were on our honeymoon.  Pizza was still in the mix but burrito and I were now  together everyday.

24 Burrito's is not nearly enough for one man.  This time I decided to make 40.  My goal was to spend less than $10.  I Headed out to the $.99 and to the farmers market for my ingredients.

Whole wheat Tortilla's 
8 for $1 I bought five packages
($.99 Store)

240z bag of Pinto Beans
($.99 Store)
24oz Bag of Long Grain Brown Rice
(my rice cooker could only hold about 20oz)
($.99 Store)

1 medium Sweet Potato
(farmers market)

2 Onions
(farmers market)

3 Carrots
($.99 Store)

4 Radishes 
(farmers market)
(farmers market)
Garlic Chives
(farmers market)

3 Serranos



I cooked up the sweet potato, carrot, radish, serrano and little onion in the wok

The assembly line

I wished I had bigger tortillas


I also ate another burrito after I finished this plate.  By my calculations each burrito should be about 220 calories.  I put the remaining supply in the freezer 

36 burritos

That should last me a few days

Not a bad deal for $9 but I can do better

Next time I plan to make 50 burritos for $6 . I'm gonna try and make my tortillas's from scratch for the first time