Thursday, December 23, 2010

This week in food

Ever since my trip to Freshia I've been on a big stir fry kick.  I've been cooking nearly every meal I eat and this post is a random mix of what I've been eating

I dig Kimchi and these dumpling are freaking awesome I bought 4 bags on sale $1.50 a piece for around 30 dumplings.  Maybe next week I'll try and make my own Kimchi from scratch

Kimchi Dumplings, bean sprouts, Brussell spouts, miso soup and green tea

I like to cook the dumpling by boiling them in my rice cooker underneath my Vegis steaming above.  I don't steam my bean sprouts but I do run them under hot tap water before eating 

More Dumplings with steamed Vegis :baby bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, carrots and bean sprouts

I'd never bought these mushrooms before and they have now become my very favorite.  
onion, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, romaine, tofu, ghost pepper, 

This has become the norm about about 5 days a week either and I can eat it for either breakfast lunch or dinner.  When I stir fry I cook with water

Zucchini, carrots, romaine, bean sprouts, tofu, shiitake, enoki, serano, ghost pepper,
  I use extremely hot pepper's and then add hot sauce and ponzu after cooking. When the vegetables are all gone I am left with an amazing firey broth that is one of the spiceyest things I have ever eaten.  It makes me salivate just thinking about it.
At least once a day I eat an Avocado. Usually I just mash it up add some Habanero hot sauce and call it guacamole.  

Lentils, steamed romaine, and raw onions topped with siiracha  and ponzu

Bean sprouts, zucchini yellow squash, carrots, and serano

Siitake, Baby Bok choy, carrots, served on Quinoa

My first time ever using yeast (besides brewing beer)  I came up with my own recipe for the crust: Whole wheat flour, water, yeast.  Pretty fancy huh?  I topped the Pizza with Tomato carrots, serano, garlic, onion and basil. The pizza was good but totally needed some avocado

I had some extra dough left over so I made the same pizza, but this time I did it right

I added a full avocado plus an additional 5 cloves of raw garlic. I like the taste and smell of cooked garlic but I prefer it's flavor raw.  I feel that its important to have both together.  By the way this pizza is only about 8 inches  wide and has over 10 cloves of garlic 3 large serano peppers, a giant avocado on it and of course I drenched it in hot sauce.

A snack while watching football.  I sliced up a sweet potato cooked it the oven and served it with Habanero ketchup and bean sprouts

: Whole wheat bread, 1 full large Avocado, bean sprouts, cherry peppers, onion, tomato, horseradish mustard. Served with Sweet potato chips and roasted serano peppers. Bourbon barbecue sauce on the side and a bowl of steamed vegi's. Oh yeah a beer and a glass of vino to wash it down

My sister wanted to make sure I had some Vegan  treats to eat on X-mas, so she made me some dark chocolate maple peanut butter balls.  These were pretty freaking decadent and paired nicely with some Bourbon.  Thanks sis

As I was leaving Freshia this crap caught my eye.  (who resist marketing power of Popeye)  cost $.25 Calories 390.  He's strong to the finish cause he eats his : Deep fried ramen with little chunks of rock candy and a hint of Cinnamon. Thank you Popeye

Playing with Yeast again.  This morning I mixed some whole wheat flour, yeast, water, cinnamon and sugar. I rolled it out real thin on my pizza stone and threw it in the oven.  It was good snack and tasted great with my morning coffee.

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