Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An nyoung ha seh yo "Freshia" my spoils from the Korean Grocery store

2 packages Tomatoes, beer, seaweed, 4 bags Kim chi dumplings, 6 Fuji organic apples, 3 lbs baby bok choy, 2 bags sprouts, serano's, shiitakes Korean soba, vegi buns, random weird mushrooms, bean paste, pomegranate, radishes, avocado's, mini cucumbers, Popeye fried crap, pickled cucumber mix, spicy bean sprouts
total $37.95

Day 1

Tasted pretty good almost pastry like.  It needed another hot sauce or another food with some spice to compliment it

Pickled stuff  $1.99
Totally yum.  Cucumber radishes Jalepeno and some kind of melon super spicy with a good mix of sweet and sour from the vinegar.

Spicy sprouts
I love me some bean sprouts.  These really were not that spicy  but tasted pretty good especially when washed down with "The sound of Vitality"

More to come as I devour


  1. As a Korean guy, I dig that you're into the cuisine. Since I know you like spicy, I suggest looking into a recipe for making "kimchee chigae". It's good shit.

  2. I'm gonna try and make some Kimchee next week. I worked for Korean couple at Pizza joint back in the day.