Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ramen for a discerning Palate

Tonights Vegan dinner brought you by the good people  at Nissin 
You got start somewhere.  I prefer Soba (buckwheat) to ramen but the occasional enriched noodle can be enjoyable too, especially if you spice it up.
I bought a fresh stalk of brussel sprouts on my way home from the gym.  I usally steam them in my rice cooker and was trying to think of a good way to use the boiling water which absorbs much of the nutrients during steaming. I decided to cook up a 19 cent package of Oriental flavored Noodles. (too lazy right now to be creative in my narration) While the Spouts steamed above, I added a handful of shiitake mushrooms, a few cloves of garlic,a thinly sliced carrot, some onion,  and a small diced up home grown Habanero to the boiling water.
 Once the sprouts were done I added the ramen to the water along with a large handful of fresh organic cilantro and a full avocado.  It was already pretty damn spicy but why not top it with roughly a half bottle of Sontava habanero hot sauce.
It ended up being intensely hot. A perfect meal for a chilly night.  I washed down my dinner with both Ice cold and piping hot Californian Sake.  It was a pretty simple meal that didn't cost much, was pretty easy to make and I can still feel the warmth in my belly.  

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  1. Damn - that looks delicious...and super cost friendly too! Nicely done.