Monday, April 4, 2011

40 Burritos For $9

Burrito's oh how I love thee.

Along time ago I was in a polygamist burrito or pizza a day diet for about 6 months.  They were some of the happiest days of my life.  As time progressed the burrito and I slowly drifted a part as I spent  more and more meals with pizza.

Sadly Burrito and I were headed in separate directions and I went over 3 months without it in my world.

A few weeks ago  Burrito came back into my life and it was as if it had never left.  One night I cooked up 24 Burrito's for dinner and for the next 2 weeks it felt like we were on our honeymoon.  Pizza was still in the mix but burrito and I were now  together everyday.

24 Burrito's is not nearly enough for one man.  This time I decided to make 40.  My goal was to spend less than $10.  I Headed out to the $.99 and to the farmers market for my ingredients.

Whole wheat Tortilla's 
8 for $1 I bought five packages
($.99 Store)

240z bag of Pinto Beans
($.99 Store)
24oz Bag of Long Grain Brown Rice
(my rice cooker could only hold about 20oz)
($.99 Store)

1 medium Sweet Potato
(farmers market)

2 Onions
(farmers market)

3 Carrots
($.99 Store)

4 Radishes 
(farmers market)
(farmers market)
Garlic Chives
(farmers market)

3 Serranos



I cooked up the sweet potato, carrot, radish, serrano and little onion in the wok

The assembly line

I wished I had bigger tortillas


I also ate another burrito after I finished this plate.  By my calculations each burrito should be about 220 calories.  I put the remaining supply in the freezer 

36 burritos

That should last me a few days

Not a bad deal for $9 but I can do better

Next time I plan to make 50 burritos for $6 . I'm gonna try and make my tortillas's from scratch for the first time

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